Rent a professional

One thing remains true: There's a difference between amateur and professional

There are handymen on every field. Do-it-yourself people, who can manage themselves – some with more luck than others. But one thing remains true: There's a difference between amateur and professional. If you want to build a new wall in your house, you would probably use someone, who build walls for a living. Why wouldn't you think the same way, when it comes to the communication in your business? This kind of investment is known to give a huge return. In freelance-based networks we are quite efficient. Which means the price doesn't even have to be high.

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Feature/narrative journalism

Feature is demanding – it takes time, and costs money. But when it's done right, it becomes something special. Since writing about books has dominated my working life so much, it's so far within this area, I've had a chance to develop these stories. The plan is to expand to other subjects and areas – look under “history, literature, psychology”.

Interviews & dialogue

Interviews can be very factual and informative, and the person behind can seem pretty irrelevant. The interview is often just one of several parts in a journalistic story. Fortunately, the categories overlap each other.