About Øyvind Bordal

Writer, sailor, founder

Øyvind Bordal

Øyvind Bordal, who got the idea and did this thing, is norwegian. He is born 1967, and have lived and worked out of Denmark since 1992. Studied psychology, history and pedagogy on the universities of Oslo and Copenhagen. Ended up a dropout on all three occasions, must have been other things that felt more important. Mostly sailing and writing - two areas where one could say, that the real life education actually happened.

About Blue Ocean Media

Press agency, publishing, communication and events

Started out in 2004 as a press agency, based on freelance stories to boat magazines and communication services to companies in the maritime business in Denmark and Norway. Along with the production and publishing of “The Sailor's Book” 2010, a publishing company was set up under the same umbrella. The publishing is done in cooperation with photographer Magne Klann, based in Norway.

The four virtues

Blue Ocean Media is built on four pillars

  1. To treat others decently. To honor obligations and agreements, never cheat anyone. May sound obvious, but it's not. Just look at banks and other big companies. Here, we even believe that in the long run, it pays to treat customers and partners with respect.

  2. To add something extra. To deliver something, that's not asked for or expected. To find a twisted angle, something that expands the material in some way. Maybe not much. But enough for it to count.

  3. To define our own fields of work. To explore areas, where nobody else can deliver exactly the same thing. In other words: Find out what we're good at – and do it. That way, we don't have to spend so much energy fighting with others. Makes it easier to focus on the real thing.

  4. To keep on changing and developing.

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