About Blue Ocean Media

Press agency, publishing, communication and events

Started out in 2004 as a press agency, based on freelance stories to boat magazines and communication services to companies in the maritime business in Denmark and Norway. Along with the production and publishing of “The Sailor's Book” 2010, a publishing company was set up under the same umbrella. The publishing is done in cooperation with photographer Magne Klann, based in Norway.

The name Blue Ocean Media is inspired by “Blue Ocean Strategy”. The short version is, that if you can deliver something, that nobody else does in exactly the same way, you don't have to spend your time and energy fighting the competition. Instead, you can focus on new ideas, development and production. You are swimming in a blue ocean, the opposite of a red ocean, where competitors fight and eat each other.

We publish books in three countries – books that nobody else does in the same way. We are also working on expansion to other markets. There are new book projects on the table, both for print and electronic platforms, as well as journalism with a special twist. The activities take place in a form we call project based production.