Project-based production

The future on the media market belongs to small, flexible organizations, working in freelance-based networks

Since internet came to power, the entire media business has gone through a revolution. For some, this has been a slow and painful death. For others, a time of opportunities. The process was accelerated with the 2008 financial crisis. One of the results is, that traditional media business models has stopped working efficiently. Big organizations with big payrolls, primarily adapted to production of print media, find it very hard to create updated products, that the market are willing to pay for.

Blue Ocean Media is an example of a type of company, we think will define the future: Small, flexible organizations without large fixed costs, working in freelance-based networks. In this environment, every project can be individually planned and scaled to the purpose. No high expense level exists, just to keep things running, no heavy administration. It's easy to change direction, do something different, try something crazy. It's just much easier to think creatively, when your ability to adjust is better.

We call it project-based production. It's simply a question of four things: Getting new ideas. Being able to put the right resources together fast and easy. Cut away everything that's not needed. And create what the current situation demands.