History, literature & psychology

If you know the subject - maybe even have a passion for it...

A good journalist can write about anything, they say. It's only partially true. If you know the subject - maybe even have a passion for it - you can easier ask interesting questions, identify exciting angles, track down the the right sources. History, literature and psychology are areas I've always dealt with and even studied academically, so stories circling in some way around those subjects is something I happily write. Probably with a better outcome too, than if the subject was, let's say football...


Good skiing can be an almost sacred experience

Norwegians are not born with skis on their feet. It just looks like it. I've been skiing since childhood, so it seemed natural to write and shoot pictures in that environment.

Columnist texts and commentaries

Well. This kind of material requires inventive writing, original reasoning and a good eye. It's hard to create something that reaches beyond the ordinary, and the world is already full of exactly that; Ordinary columnist stuff and boring commentaries.