Critical journalism

Often an empty phrase these days, as the pressed economy of the media business, and the hunt for a quick click on the net sets the order of the day. Most often, it comes down to the motivation of the journalist, and the will to put in a lot of free working hours on a story, that he or she really wants to do.

Boats and sailing

My speciality. Insight and network is a good base for quality journalism

Boats and sailing

As a journalist, my main area of interest so far has been boats and sailing. I grew up as a part of the community – and have been a part of it ever since. Altogether, it adds up to quite a lot of sailing experience: International racing, blue water cruising, classical wooden boats and modern multihulls, just to mention a few sectors of interest.


Prices and general conditions follow those outlined by the danish journalist organization DJ, and can be found here.

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